Get in shape. Right now.

We know you’re busy and you want your workouts to be effective so you can see results fast! Think “minimum effective dose” because the truth is all of us want to look good and feel great without slogging it out for hours in the gym or following calorie-restrictive diets that zap all the fun out of life.

Feel great all day.

When we’re exercising, we’re shifting all kinds of biochemical gears.

Whether it’s the surge right after a workout or the growing constancy of energy when exercise becomes a regular habit, there’s no denying it – your workout will put you in a good mood!

Get Calm. Clear. Confident.

The calm comes from the sensation that your muscles have been tested and stretched. And exercise literally and figuratively gets “the blood flowing” to our brains.

But best of all, there’s a certain self-assurance that comes from knowing that you’re improving and pushing yourself physically.

Welcome to Perfect Fit.

Perfect Fit is the #1 Northern Beaches fitness studio for busy professionals and their families who want effective training tailored to their fitness goals and flexibility around their busy schedules.

From high-intensity interval training classes for effective fat burning and body sculpting, to customised training programs with your own personal trainer, there’s a perfect blend of workouts that will get you the results YOU want.

Group Training At Perfect Fit.

Fun and Effective. That’s why our clients love our group classes.

Personal Training At Perfect Fit.

If you are recovering from an injury, have specific fitness or medical requirements or simply want accelerated results under the guidance of your own personal trainer, then personal training is for you.

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